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The Bailey Method


What is The Bailey Method?

The Bailey Method is a revolutionary and ground breaking system used for the teaching and implementation of footwork, movement and balance for tennis players at all levels and at all ages from 6 to 60. It introduces a whole new language to the game. Through the use of shadow tennis and fed and live ball drills, the player learns how to move on the tennis court hitting tennis balls.

This method can easily be implemented on and off court into any coaching business i.e. clubs, academies, and in particular group and private lessons.

The Bailey Method is designed around the concept of “completing the circle” every time you hit the ball.
It introduces the progressive teaching method of the 5 R’s – ie: the player is taught how to Get Ready, Read, React, Respond, and Recover on the court.

The Bailey Method combine theses 5 R’s with:

Contact and Balance moves

“Out” and “Recovery” steps

Swing lines

Contact points

Hitting stances

The Bailey Method always choreographs the 5Rs to suit the players’ age, ability, playing style and athleticism, and guarantees that by choosing to implement The Bailey Method into a training program that their movement and balance will become much more effective, efficient and effortless!

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