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Workshops at your Club


Bailey Method Club Workshops

If you want to bring something new to your club, then have David Bailey come and present a Bailey Method Tennis Footwork and Movement workshop.


In this cutting edge program, David Bailey will show your coaches and/or players his Footwork Program and how to use it in your teaching (if you are a coach) or in your game (if you are a player).

The program will include a video presentation, a warm up to music, followed by progressive teaching of various steps and movements:

  • Out Steps
  • Recovery Steps
  • Hitting Stances
  • Contact Moves
  • Balance Moves


David will target examples of Offensive, Rallying and Defensive footwork.

The amount of Contact Moves taught will depend on the time frame selected, but these moves are taught through teaching methods such as shadow tennis, drop and thrown feeds + fed ball with cue words.

The number of people participating in the workshop depends on the facilities available at the Club and the needs of the participants.

There are 3 different ways that workshops can be presented and paid for:

  1. Coaches only – where either the individual coaches or the tennis association/club pays.
  2. Coach with all his Players – (more likely in a club situation) where the club, coach and/or students share the cost.
  3. Coach with 4-6 selected Players – where the Coach or Players pay (Coach’s decision). Number of Coaches and Players able to attend will depend on court availability.

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