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“What David has developed is nothing less than a complete conceptual framework for the baffling array of movement patterns in the pro game. David’s concept of the Contact Move encompasses all the elements of movement to the hit, during the hit, and after.  Top coaches around the world, like Nick Bollettieri, among others, have been inspired by David’s work and are already using it on court on a daily basis.” John Yandell, Creator of Tennisplayer.net

Coaches, you would like to learn how to incorporate Bailey Tennis Footwork into your lessons, there are a number of ways to undertake coach training:

  • You can organise a 3 day workshop through your club,
  • You can enrol in a 3 day intensive coach training program to get Certified.
  • You can undertake 12 months of training to become a Licenced Bailey Method Coach.

Go to our Coach Training page to learn more.

If you can’t get to a Coaches Training program, then the next best thing is The Bailey Method Pro Pack.

The Pro Pack is a 1hr DVD of Tennis Footwork and Balance Moves performed by top professional players with simultaneous voice over and subtitles, demonstrations of shadowing, special teaching tools, teaching tips and other new drills. The Pack includes an 80 page Training Manual of Progressive Photos & Graphics Showing each of the 15 Bailey Method Contact Moves.

Also check our Free Stuff for:

  • Video Action of Zeng Shuai (Australian Open 2016 quarterfinalist) doing The Bailey Method
  • Common Errors in Coaching Tips
  • Some great articles written by David on www.tennisplayer.net

Bailey Tennis Footwork – The Bailey Method

Check out Jarmilla Wolfe (career best ranking #31) and Claudine Shaul (career best ranking #41) demonstrating The Bailey Method:


The Bailey Method and Tennis Blast

David Bailey explains the different benefits of The Bailey Method and Tennis Blast.


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