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Bailey Method

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Private Lesson Outline

In a David Bailey private lesson it is all about David choreographing your “way of play”. It is a series of very progressive lessons where you must pass 3 levels of competency (similar to grading belts in martial arts).


The first level is about becoming a move master where the player masters the 6 athletic skills of hopping, pivoting, shifting, lunging, transferring and spinning the hips with the relevant hitting stances, out and recovery steps and correct swing lines while hitting tennis balls. A Master the move assessment must be passed  to move onto the next level.

The second level is becoming a target master where a 70% pass mark is needed hitting the ball to allocated targets using 28 contact moves. At his level the serve, groundstrokes, volleys, approach shots and smashes are all assessed and a written report is given on the results.

The third level is about coming a play master where a 70% pass mark gives you the title of a “Complete Player” (very difficult to achieve by the way). A written report is given on the results.

A play master works through 10 Dimensions of play and David ranks them from 10th to 1st. The 10 dimensions are serving, returning, taking the ball early, neutralizing through the middle, hitting heavy, hitting angles, slice and drop , approach and net play, disguised semi open ground strokes and diverse passing shots. After this report is finished a specific player playbook is then designed around neutralizing, building, taking control, hurting then finishing suiting the player’s strengths and weaknesses.

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