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In-Tennis-ity Fitness

  • Group Fitness Classes

In-Tennis-ity Fitness Outline

An In–tennis-ity group fitness class is a 2hr off court then on court fitness/footwork and hitting squad based around The Bailey Method Contact Moves at Brighton Beach and the Novotel Hotel in Sydney.

It involves shadow tennis on the beach using rackets and grips where the “moves of the day” are practiced using the natural environment for the first hr.

The class then moves to the roof top tennis court of the Brighton Beach Novotel hotel where David conducts fed and live ball drilling hitting tennis balls focusing on the moves learnt earlier on the beach.


  • Soft sand and hard sand training
  • Hill + stair + ramp work
  • Speed and agility drills with the focus on tennis Contact Moves
  • Mastering the moves with on court drilling and point play


$450 per term (2hr squad per week)


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