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Footwork / Fitness Comments – French Open 2007


Footwork / Fitness Comments – French Open 2007

  • by wpadmin
  • November 7, 2016

Footwork / Fitness Comments – French Open 2007

In this blog I am quoting comments made on Fox Sports by a good friend of mine and great tennis commentator, Wally Masur, at the French Open in 2007.

Wally is a past US Open Semi-finalist and past Australian Davis Cup Coach.


        • ”The reason why (Raphael) Nadal is so good is because of his incredible footwork. He works so hard to get behind every ball which gives him laser control over his groundstroke and so many options with his shot selection. “


          • ”If you swing viciously like Nadal, you had better be in good position!”


          • ”Decrease quality of movement, decrease the quality of shot!”


          • ”It is so important to move well, so that you take those little steps around the ball instead of running to it. When your legs get heavy you lose the ability to make those fine adjusting steps and that hurts your game ….big time!”


          • On beating Nadal on clay….”It’s not about being good enough, there are a lot of guys in this tournament who have the game …the question is – Are you fit enough?”


          • ”The French Open is as much about fitness as it is about tennis and tactics!”