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The Bailey Method BONUS Pro Pack


Product Description

The Bailey Method BONUS Pro Pack includes the Pro Pack DVD and Manual along with an added Bonus Pack.

Learn how to become the TOTAL Move Master!

The Bailey Method BONUS Pro Pack includes:

A One Hour DVD of action packed, cutting edge Tennis Footwork and Balance Moves performed by top professional players with simultaneous voice over and subtitles, demonstrations of shadowing, special teaching tools, teaching tips and other new drills.

Learn how to:
• Get Ready by being up on the toes and splitting your step
• Read a variety of approaching balls
• React with various “out” steps into several hitting stances
• Respond with 15 different Contact Moves and their relevant Balance Moves
• Recover with effective brake steps followed by efficient recovery steps
• Then, finally understand how the 5R’s above, all come together with “Completing the Circle”.


The 80 page Training Manual of Progressive Photos & Graphics Showing each of the 15 Bailey Method Contact Moves.

The BONUS Pack includes :

Shadow tennis DVD that you can do at home or project onto a wall

Questions and Answers Booklet on the most common errors and great teaching points related to the  Contact Moves seen in the DVD

An Extended Definitions Booklet

Take Action, invest in yourself, your child or your career today – once learned, these moves are never forgotten, your tennis will never be the same again!!


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