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What is Tennis Blast?


What is Tennis Blast ??

Tennis Blast is a fun, stimulating fitness workout done to music that everyone can enjoy.

The Tennis Blast program teaches tennis specific fitness/ footwork in a “do it yourself” program or in a squad/class/camp of 8 to 80 students!

The program consists of 175 core exercises that can be expanded to over 1000 tennis and fitness drills that includes warm ups, flexibility, ball skills, aerobics, footwork patterns, ladders, shadow tennis and some simple ab and band exercises that can replace some of the most commonly used weight exercises in the gym.

Using the Tennis Blast DVDs and manuals, tennis fitness and skills training can be done anywhere and at any time – at home, at a club, in schools, on the court. It can be done  indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for wet weather lessons.

It is effective, inexpensive and features a step by step learning system using simple progressions with a modern tennis language that names a variety of movements used when playing tennis.

Watch the videos below to see David explain and to see Tennis Blast in action

(… by the way there is also a cool tennis dance that David has created….”Tennis is a dance and the ball is your partner!”)